Danny Williams Ministries

You're Too Near The Crown To Lay The Old Cross Down 

Welcome to our Ministry page. The purpose of this page is to share the exciting things that God is doing as we are on the road.

On the Road again......sharing Jesus with our family and our friends!!

We have been on this trip for about three weeks now and will not be home until the middle of June.  We started in Vidalia, GA  at Blockers Chapel with an awesome move of God and then went to Abner Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC.  We have seen people healed,  saved, rededicated, delivered and set free!  Praise God He is still working!  The Same yesterday, today and forever!  God is still in the miracle working business!  We are currently in New Castle, IN and will be headed to Dayton, TN at the end of the week.  From there we will be going out west in the Oklahoma area.  We are excited about what God is doing and count it a honor and privilege to be a part of this last day out pouring of His spirit!